Dr. Heba Raouf gave a speech at our “Political Talks” colloquium series

Dr. Heba Raouf Ezzat gave a speech at “Social Science and Posthuman Condition” conference, which was organized by our department. The conference was held in March 9, 2019 at Ihya Hall of our Basaksehir campus.

In her speech, Dr. Heba addressed the crisis of social sciences in a posthuman condition. She observed that the process towards posthumanism is a continuation of the process that succeeded in relegating the transcendental to the back burner. She identified the dualism therein in this process; a fear of the complete loss of the ‘self’ rendering the human being an empty shell, and the strings of hope in terms of the opportunities to assert the ‘self’ through collective action, call it revolution. According to her, we are seeing the configuration and reconfiguration of time and space at a speed never seen and imagined before. The focus of social scientists should be to explore and keep up with this speed, identifying in the process the construction and deconstruction of the object of their field. In this way, they succeed in keeping hope alive and maintaining the relevance of their fields.